Buy an Ocarina

It is still rare to find ocarinas in musical instrument shops. One quickly realizes that the only way of getting hold of a quality ocarina is to look on the internet. So here is an inexhaustive list of retailers who sell ocarinas online.

  • buyocarina us es fr de
    Their low-end prices are reasonable (shipping costs included). The quality never fails because the instruments are created by a taiwanese expert (Zack Shih) recognised all over the world for the quality of his ocarinas and for his kindness towards his customers. He offers numerous 12 hole ocarinas, double or triple but you won’t find 4,5,6,8 or 10 hole ocarinas, nor plastic ones. Finally postage takes about 5 days and the packages arrive in perfect condition because they’ve been well protected. What’s more, all feedback that we’ve received about ocarinas from the site are positive.
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  • mountainsocarina us
    American website with a slightly different sort of ocarina: inline ocarinas.

  • Spencersocarinas us
    Top of the range ocarinas, 12 hole or double. The prices are quite high but are they justifiably so?

  • thomann en fr es
    German website selling all sorts of musical instruments, some of which are ocarinas. However the choice here is more limited as far as ocarinas are concerned. For example, this retailer doesn’t offer multi-chamber ocarinas.

  • sixthstreet us
    A family business that has produced artisan ocarinas for several years. They mainly offer 10 and 12 hole ocarinas with a great choice of finishing touches.

  • marie-picard fr
    More works of art than ocarinas, and the price shows it. If you like art, you’ll find some amazing creations.

  • martha-inca fr
    Offers peruvian ocarinas. The site is in French.

  • doubleocarina us
    Offers double chamber, wooden ocarinas.

  • world-winds us
    An online shop selling wind instruments, the seller is american, located in Massachusetts. The site is in English and the prices are very small. No information about postage abroad!

  • whistleworks us
    These are more toys than ocarinas, so could be great for children.

  • hindocarina us
    Wooden ocarinas created by an expert, so top of the range products with the prices that come with it!

  • clayz us
    Some atypical ocarinas at various prices. The website is unreadable!

  • hibiki jp
    Japanese site that sells seven 12 hole ocarinas, the prices come close to an average of 220 USD.