Deleting Contents


When I first made a tab on this site, I accidentally created two files. One of them I finished and published. The other I cannot delete. If I reused it for another tab, it would display as published on the date I created it.

Is there any way to delete a tab sheet from your contents? I can't seem to find an option for deleting them anywhere.

Which one do you want to delete ?

I labeled one as "accidental copy" and it's not published. Why?

I don't know, the title is not important !


first you asked to delete some content, so I asked you the name of tab you want to delete. Then you asked why one of your tab is not published ? But I did not find it at all. You have only two tabs : "Hurt - NIN/Johnny Cash" and "The Army Song".

If there is a tab you want to delete, we can do that. But if you lost a third tab, I am sorry but there is no way to find it.

Ok, so I published it. I didn't know moderators or whoever couldn't see my unpublished tabs.