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Nevada, Las Vegas
здравствуйте! The name is Norynna Yesfir Vikentiyevna Fedunova or Norynna Estella Edenfield when I'm in the States. But they call me Norynn for short. I'm a professional wind instrumentalists. I 'sound' all kinds of wind musical instruments. I started sounding my very first musical instruments; the Flute, when I was 7. Then I discovered that there are untold Wind instruments in the world. And so, I begin to sound each wind instruments I encountered. I fell in love with the Ocarina when I was 9 and has since been my speciality, together with the Flute. I mostly use my Flute to arrange or compose a music before I sound the completed work with my Ocarina. I could turn any songs into Ocarina Tab, so, if you have any requests. Do drop by sometime.


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