"Pokemon Go Song" (I play Pokemon Go Everyday)

"Pokemon Go Song" (I play Pokemon Go Everyday)

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This passing song was sung by Youtuber Mishovy Silenosti (better known as "Misha.") Released July 16, 2016, this song was quickly made into a meme and spread extremely quick, being talked about by other Youtubers such as Leafyishere and appearing numerous times in SiIvaGunner's videos. Misha rode this fame to release quite a few more songs that would again be covered by Leafy and co., but didn't catch on quite as much. As of this tab's publication date, Misha has around 600,000 subscribers and still makes songs to this day.

This song is a very easy one to learn, as the notes basically just go down and jump up. It took me honestly about 30 seconds to figure out the main 'I play Pokemon Go', and an experienced player could have probably done it in 5-10. If I ever finish the song I'll post it in here, but for the few people who ever actually want to play Misha's smash hit... they're most likely looking for the chorus.