The Time is Now

The Time is Now

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Writers: John Cena, Marc Predka, Robert L. Russell, J. Grinnage, E. Murry, D. Pittman, & Julian "Jay" Alphonso Williams
Origin: You Can't See me (Album)
Publication: April 9, 2005

This part of the song "The Time is Now" has become infamous as part of an internet meme called "Unexpected John Cena" as it is made by taking an existing video and then suddenly playing a clip from a prank call video (clip starts at 3:23 to suprise the viewer of the video.



u cant c me

The first two notes are interverted, otherwise everything's fine. Thanks for posting this really easy 6 hole ocarina tab, it's a good tune to help learning how to play the ocarina.

Notes should be fixed now