Problem with ocarina tabs


what are the x's and bars for?

Sometimes when you translate a tab from an ocarina type to another, some notes may not exist in the new type. These notes are replaced by X

Oh, ok thanks
and what about the bars?

That means you should play the previous note longer

D# on a 12 hole ocarina is not on the list it is the note where you cover all top row holes, the two holes underneath and the first and third hole on the bottom row. Just wondering why it wasnt added because i couldnt use it in my song i had to add it myself by using paint and just uploading the picture to the song when i was done.

I have the same problem. I can't put E# in a 12 hole tab, though I can play it. I cover all the top row holes, even the small one, both underneath holes and the left one in the bottom row.